Meet Natalie Jane.

Yoga Instructor

Natalie Jane

at Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy

Natalie has been with Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy since 2016, but has taught yoga since 2011. She completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) training in San Francisco, which is where she began her first classes. In addition, Natalie is a certified yoga instructor, which proves her love for yoga.

Natalie was born and raised here in Crescent City, but has lived in many places and found the time to travel whenever she could. Her free time consists mainly of playing with her baby girl Coral Skye and teaching preschool, but she also finds the time to surf, hike and enjoy nature here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Yoga has enabled Natalie to change her state of mind and physical body. She chose this career path to be able to share the beauty of yoga with the community.

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Natalie | Yoga Instructor | PNWPT | Pacific Northwest Physical Therapy | Crescent City California | Del Norte County