We also have an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) on staff. Orthopedics is a branch of medicine focused on the musculoskeletal systems (muscles, bones, ligament, tendons, and joints).

Almost every physical therapist in private practice will say they provide orthopedic physical therapy. But the truth is that most people receiving physical therapy haven't really seen a "true" orthopedic physical therapist. Just as there are many areas of medicine that physicians can specialize in (neurology, cardiology, nephrology, orthopedics, dermatology, etc.), the American Physical Therapy Association has established seven specialty areas in which physical therapists can be board certified. Only 10% of the physical therapists in the U.S. are board certified in a specialty, which requires demonstrated experience in the specialty field and passing an extensive examination process. This allows the board certified specialist to display that they have a greater depth and breadth of knowledge and skills in orthopedic rehabilitation than their peers. So, next time you are looking for someone with true knowledge in orthopedic physical therapy, you want someone board certified as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). We know the biomechanics of sport, exercise physiology, and sports medicine, and know how to get you back in the game!

Services Offered

Manual Therapy

Aquatic Therapy
Massage Therapy
Health and Wellness
Sports Medicine
Youth Athletics
Injury Prevention
Work Hardening
Return to Sports
Occupational (Work Related) Injuries
Orthopedic Surgeries
Spinal Pain
Acute/Chronic Pain
Musculoskeletal Injuries
Neurological Conditions
Balance Training
Pain Management
Muscle Spasms/Strains
Pre/Post Surgery
Lymph Edema Management



PNWPT's Policy

At PNWPT, our policy is to provide our clients with one-on-one therapy. Our staff will solely focus on you while providing your 30 minute or one hour treatment session. It is our belief that patients should see the same personnel at each visit, fostering the formation of a relationship that promotes healing and faster rehabilitation. We educate our patients on their condition and help them learn an exercise program that they will be able to safely continue long beyond their completion of their formal rehabilitation with us.

Human touch is an essential ingredient in our treatment philosophy and approach, and for good reason. Patients respond positively to hands-on work when combined with exercise and education. This leads to faster recovery and less cost to you, our customer. The term “manual therapy” refers to hands-on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Manual therapy encompasses a broad group of sophisticated techniques performed by hand and by uniquely trained physical therapists. These may include mobilizations or manipulations of soft tissue and skeletal joints. Manual therapy techniques aim to decrease pain and increase function. Most manual therapy training programs in the United States are four-year, post-graduate programs that emphasize clinical experiences, classroom education, and extensive written and practical examinations. PNWPT has a Certified Manual Physical Therapist (CMPT) on staff.

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