LEFS: for patients having hip, leg, ankle, foot, heel, and/or toe problems.

Neck: for patients with any sort of neck pain.

DHI: for patients who have unsteadiness, vertigo, and/or balance issues.

Quick DASH: for patients having shoulder, arm, hand, and/or finger problems.Patients with shoulder or arm pain may also want to fill out our "Neck Questionnaire" as well.

The first questionnaire you'll be filling out is your history and a release form that allows our clinic to treat you.

Oswestry: for patients with any type of back pain.

Patient Questionnaires

To insure you receive a complete and thorough evaluation, we've added our questionnaires for your easy access. If you are not sure which one to fill out or if you find that your problem does not pertain to any of our questionnaires, please give our office a call.