Sarah (Qiong Fu)

My focus is on relieving pain. I have been working with people’s bodies for many years since I studied acupuncture in a medical university in China and practiced in a hospital there. Now I use acupuncture points with my fingers instead of the needles.

A human body always gives us an alert before we find out the problems. My specialty is to find the alert and fix it. Some sore spots I find are uncomfortable for the patient, but I get more information from that sore spot to find the main source of your pain. And I use those acu-points to take care of your whole system in your body, not just the sore spot. I use a different technique every time, which is a combination of Eastern and Western medicine. It all depends on the patient’s situation.

My treatment is sometimes uncomfortable, but you will feel much better on the second or third day. Eastern medicine believes that the pain or sore spot in our body means something blocking the energy flow there. Acupressure massage can help you open that spot and reduce the future problems in your body.

I believe that whatever problem you have, you are the one who can really help yourself. My massage is helping you with my hands and knowledge and compassion to find and use all your natural energy to reach a healthy, pain-free life. It will be my pleasure to ease your pain.

Healing Hands with Acupressure Massage


Patient Appointment Times:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10 am to 6 pm

By appointment only

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